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California Bookstore Day: “The Crisis Of Our Time” On Sale At Independent Bookstores Everywhere


May 2, 2015 is CALIFORNIA BOOKSTORE DAY!  What started with just 90 independent bookstores around the state of California has now become a national movement states “The San Francisco Chronicle”.  John Carvalho’s new book, “The Crisis Of Our Time” is now on sale at hundreds of independent bookstores around California and the country.  Visit any independent bookstore website to purchase your eBook today or buy the paperback copy!


We are very happy to support independent booksellers everywhere.  Let’s make CALIFORNIA BOOKSTORE DAY a great success!

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John Carvalho’s Barnes & Noble Tour Featured In Author’s Digest

John Carvalho’s Barnes & Noble tour has been featured in “The Author’s Digest” this month.  The AuthorHouse author visited San Diego stores in Mira Mesa and La Mesa.

During the rest of the Spring, John Carvalho will be in Las Vegas, Nevada visiting stores in Summerlin, on Rainbow, and in Henderson.  To learn more click here.

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John Carvalho Thanks Supporters Who Promoted His Pulitzer Prize Submitted Autobiography “The Crisis Of Our Time”


Today the Pulitzer Prizes were announced at Columbia University.  Close to 3,000 entries were submitted to Columbia University and 22 were selected as Pulitzer Prize winners in 21 categories.  Dr. John Carvalho submitted “The Crisis Of Our Time” (AuthorHouse) for the Autobiography/Biography category.  The biography award ultimately went to “The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe” by David I. Kertzer (Random House).

“We are very honored to submit my new book for this year’s Pulitzer Prize,” announced an ecstatic Dr. John Carvalho to the media and his fans on September 30, 2014. “It is a dream come true for any author to craft a work that possesses philosophical depth, artistic expression, and universal meaning...

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Carvalho’s Barnes & Noble Tour In Nevada Begins

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Last month John Carvalho signed books for fans at Barnes & Noble bookstores across San Diego, California.  Today, he was in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Summerlin Barnes & Noble to kick-off his Nevada book tour.  Engagements in Henderson and Rainbow are expected as well as another signing this August.  Stay tuned for more news and engagements!

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John Carvalho Signs Books For Audience At Barnes & Noble In La Mesa, CA


John Carvalho has held many events throughout Southern California this past eight month period.  These past two weeks, he kicked off his Barnes & Noble tour in San Diego.  On Thursday, March 19th he held a book signing at the Mira Mesa bookstore and last night he did another signing in La Mesa, California.  Carvalho will be continuing to hold events throughout these next few months.  So stay tuned!

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John Carvalho Kicks-Off Barnes & Noble Tour In San Diego


John Carvalho and acclaimed authors Jon Woodward and Nadia Sahari have kicked off their Barnes & Noble tour in San Diego.  They were in Mira Mesa last night and will be back on March 26th to other San Diego stores.

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Author Panel With John Carvalho At Barnes & Noble In San Diego


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70,000 People Listen In To John Carvalho’s Interview On “Love All Humans”


Last night 70,000 people around the world listened in to John Carvalho’s radio interview with “Love All Humans”. To hear the interview in its entirety, Click Here

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John Carvalho On

John Carvalho On “The Crisis Of Our Time” Can Be The Hope For Our Future: Learning Lessons From The Ebola Epidemic.

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Holiday Special Offer
HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER:  Buy “The Crisis Of Our Time” And Get “Dawn Of Momentum” Album For FREE!!!

Pulitzer Prize Submitted Author John Carvalho and Grammy Considered, 4X LA Music Award Winning Recording Artist Kris Searle are teaming up this holiday season to further the message of “The Crisis Of Our Time” through music.SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY’S WEEK OFFER: For a LIMITED TIME from November 19th to December 2nd, Buy John Carvalho’s book “The Crisis Of Our Time” and get Kris Searle’s Award winning album “Dawn of Momentum” for FREE. Deal endsDecember 2nd.To receive this special offer:

1) Buy John Carvalho’s “The Crisis Of Our Time” (ISBN: 9781496926173) at, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or any bookstore website you like.

2) Send your sales confirmation receipt to drjohncarva...

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