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INFORMAZIONE ITALIANO: Italy’s Avid Readers Can Acquire John Carvalho’s “The Crisis Of Our Time” At Italian Bookstores

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Dr. John Carvalho’s provocative book “The Crisis Of Our Time” was published in 2014, and was lauded for its discussion of critical issues afflicting Europe, America, and the world at large: global health and spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, and planetary climate change. Current events, such as Italy’s COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent economic challenges have made Carvalho’s opus relevant for today’s Italian readership.  As a result, John Carvalho is launching a media campaign in Europe and has recently been featured in the Art & Culture, Publishing & Media, and Economics sections of Italy’s “Informazione Italiano” (Comunicati Stampa)...

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BOSTON HERALD: John Carvalho’s Book “The Crisis Of Our Time” Has Renewed Relevance For Europe, U.S., And The World During Pandemic Age


Dr. John Carvalho’s provocative book “The Crisis Of Our Time” was published in 2014, and was lauded for its discussion of critical issues afflicting Europe, America, and the world at large: global health and spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, planetary climate change, and the psychological stress that people encounter when they try to find meaning in their lives. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent economic meltdown has left households socially distant and has helped the book industry to gain readers. Additionally, it has sparked renewed interest in Carvalho’s opus given that the issues he warned about six years earlier have become reality...

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John Carvalho Calls For World Peace On Acceptance Of Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. John Carvalho, calling for world peace in troubled times, has received the 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for 25 years of scholarship in the sciences and humanities.

Los Angeles, California (April 15, 2018): The Marquis Who’s Who Editorial Board has bestowed the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award on former Harvard University scholar Dr. John Carvalho of Los Angeles, California. Carvalho’s twenty-five years of work in the sciences and humanities, his contributions to public policy and civil rights legislation, and the publication of his recent Pulitzer-Prize submitted memoir “The Crisis of Our Time” were among the reasons for the committee’s decision...

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John Carvalho Wishes You All A Happy Earth Day!


Dr. John Carvalho, former Harvard academician and winner of the United States National Research Service Award, is no stranger to the word crisis.  As a scientist, scholar and statesman he has spent decades working on the front lines of biomedical and theoretical exploration, global health, and the worldwide, human rights movement.  The Crisis of Our Time is the astonishing, partial memoir and discourse regarding his life’s career and philosophy concerning the planet’s most pressing problems.  Written in a way accessible to everyone, Carvalho, beginning with his passionate, poetic, and provocative first chapter, challenges us to discover that the disastrous, external crises of our lives emanate from the unity of our conscious and subconscious experiences...

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John Carvalho Gives Publishing Advice For Aspiring Authors

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Happy New Year!!!  We wish all of our readers much peace, joy and prosperity for 2016.  As we look forward to the future, we would like to share with you our new video that is being released worldwide this year.  In the new video, Dr. John Carvalho speeks with AuthorHouse regarding his publishing advice for aspiring authors.  Watch the full interview at: AuthorHouse Author John Carvalho Shares His Publishing Advice For Aspiring Authors

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John Carvalho’s Video Interview With AuthorHouse

JohnCarvalho Video Interview

Dr. John Carvalho is interviewed by AuthorHouse on his new book “The Crisis of Our Time”.  Special thanks to the interview staff.  Enjoy the new author video!

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Black Friday Kindle On Sale At And eBook Nook at Barnes & Noble! Get Yours Today!


We are happy to announce that in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both and Barnes & Noble are selling our eBook!  Get your copy today or as a gift for another person who loves books!  Happy Holidays!!!

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John Carvalho Signs More Books In Las Vegas, Nevada


Following our National Monitor Interview this past month, we had another big week in the state of Nevada at the Rainbow Promenade Barnes & Noble bookstore.  Thank you to everyone who purchased both paperback and electronic Nook versions of “The Crisis Of Our Time” at Barnes & Noble.  Stay tuned for more upcoming events and news!

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John Carvalho Featured In “National Monitor”, “The Hollywood Times”, And “The Author’s Digest”

4Front Page.Entertainment | National MonitorIt has been an exciting few weeks for John Carvalho’s new book “The Crisis Of Our Time”.  A series of four articles were published in “The Author’s Digest” describing Dr. Carvalho’s book tour with Barnes & Noble and providing a three-part interview on his new opus.  This past month we also saw a fabulous book review published by “The Hollywood Times” entitled “The Human Condition”.  Finally, yesterday was a blockbuster day with the front page, cover story interview published in the “National Monitor”, one of the nation’s largest media sources.  All of these fabulous stories can be found on our website under “MEDIA ARCHIVE”.  Visit the media archives page today and catch up on the exciting news!

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Hollywood Celebrity Stops By Carvalho Book Signing In Las Vegas

Rainbow5 Rainbow15

John Carvalho’s book tour in Nevada continued last night with his all day long signing event at Barnes & Noble at the Rainbow Promenade.  Aside from fans and readers, we are pleased to announce that Hollywood celebrity Bill Blair (Guinness Book of World Records; Star Trek; Argo) was among the attendees at the signing event.  We thank the staff of Barnes & Noble and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event in Henderson, Nevada.  Please see our “Upcoming Engagements” page for more Barnes & Noble signings and author events!

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