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Savor The Time: Book Review

Crisis Review

Savor The Time: Book Review Of John Carvalho’s “The Crisis Of Our Time”

(Rating: 5 STARS)

By Theria C. Mermiges

John Carvalho is easy as Sunday morning. A cool breeze on a summer’s day. A breadth of fresh air in a smoke-filled room.

You may catch a glimpse of him in the neighborhood, briskly walking, briefcase in one hand, a Brew Haus coffee in the other. If he notices you, he will stop and chat awhile. He is a friend right out of the gate. He is lean, fit, forthright, and funny—has a handsome smile that’s usually “on” when speaking with you. He is unassuming, a “no airs” kind of guy. Has an infectious laugh that may have you rolling on the floor.

THEN you read “The Crisis Of Our Time...

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