Savor The Time: Book Review

Crisis Review

Savor The Time: Book Review Of John Carvalho’s “The Crisis Of Our Time”

(Rating: 5 STARS)

By Theria C. Mermiges

John Carvalho is easy as Sunday morning. A cool breeze on a summer’s day. A breadth of fresh air in a smoke-filled room.

You may catch a glimpse of him in the neighborhood, briskly walking, briefcase in one hand, a Brew Haus coffee in the other. If he notices you, he will stop and chat awhile. He is a friend right out of the gate. He is lean, fit, forthright, and funny—has a handsome smile that’s usually “on” when speaking with you. He is unassuming, a “no airs” kind of guy. Has an infectious laugh that may have you rolling on the floor.

THEN you read “The Crisis Of Our Time.” It’s a head scratcher because you cannot figure out “how can this man be so ‘down to earth’?” He just is, he just is.

“The Crisis Of Our Time” is enlightening in style and content that are both “fresh”; an honest feel; an easy chair and bedside keeper. Nothing compares!

In the author’s world travels you are there. His writing pulls you into that moment. His thoughts and emotions become your own. You will be wiser for it. So much to learn!

Turning the last page may make you want to go to a high place. There you may want to shout out “Captain, my Captain.” Go for it, if only in your mind. Savor the time.

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